Monday, February 1, 2010

Fangs,Claws, & Stetsons Contest

Well, I knew this was going to be a good year for me with three releases... but I had no idea they'd all be released within the same month! To celebrate my month of triple releases I'm holding the Fangs, Claws, and Stetsons contest. Want to win a copy of one (or more) of my new releases?

Here's how:

Keep coming right back here. There will be a new post on this blog every single day and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment with #CRLwin tacked on to the end.

You can also follow me on Twitter ( and use the #CRLwin hashtag any time you send a tweet. I will randomly do searches for the hashtag and all tweets drawn up will be entered.

You can comment on ANY post within this blog, even if it's dated back to 2008. Just use the #CRLwin hashtag and it's an entry.


2/4 One winner will be drawn from all entries dated 2/1 through 2/3 to win an e-book copy of Moonlit Watcher, an interracial werewolf romance written for ARe's 28 Days of Heart campaign to benefit the American Heart Association. This will be purchased by myself and gifted to you through the ARe site.

2/24 One winner will be drawn from all entries dated 2/1 through 2/23 to win an e-book copy of Guardian Cowboy, a contemporary romance. Like cowboys? You'll love the Wayback, Texas series. This will be sent to you via email.

2/27 One winner will be drawn from all entries dated 2/1 through 2/26 to win a signed print copy of Blood Revelation, Book One: Blood Curse.

2/28 One winner will be drawn from all entries dated 2/1 through 2/27 to receive their choice of ANY three of my published works. Winner's choice may include any of my new releases or my backlist.

It's going to be a fun month here at the blog, full of excerpts, character profiles, and more. If you like vampires, shapeshifters, or cowboys... You're gonna have a good time.

The contest starts... NOW! Start leaving those comments, spreading the word on Twitter... and don't forget the hashtag #CRLwin. It's the only way to make your entries count.


SaturnMoonie said...

Woo hoo!!! Let's do this! #CRLwin

Crystal-Rain Love said...

And how'd I know Moonie would be the first? ( - ; Oh.... BONUS: Anytime you RT 1 of my tweets about the contest gets U a bonus entry.

jennifer said...

wow thats a great big list of prizes #crlwin

xCrimsonAngelfirex said...

Sounds awesome! #CRLwin

SiNn said...

awesome contest congrats on ur new books! #CRLwin

SaturnMoonie said...

Cuz I'm always first, duh! :P Being a night owl has its advantages.


Zulmara said...

Love a sexy cowboy...#CRLwin



Anonymous said...

Can't wait so excited , hope to finally win a contest and this would be the best Valentine's gift to myself even if its later! #CRNwin

wendy said...

can't wait! this would be a great Valentine's gift for myself, lol! I'm so excited for you!

wendy said...

oh i forgot the thing #CRNwin

miriam said...

I am finally here. Miriam #CRLwin

misskallie2000 said...

WOW!! Awsome contest. Pls include me.


misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com