Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm A Gamer, Baby!

Who here likes to play computer games? I love them, especially The Sims. I used to play Sims 2 constantly until my main PC went kerplunk. And I have Sims3 but can't play it until I get a DVD-rom installed on said kerplunked PC which my brother has taken hostage. He fixed the kerplunk but now he's waiting on the DVD-rom I ordered to arrive so he can install it and *hopefully* he'll quit holding my PC hostage & bring it back to me so I can play again.

In the meantime I entertain myself with Facebook games, and this, my peoples, is where you can gain extra contest entries! That's right. If you haven't already, friend me over at and send me neighbor requests & gifts (using the #CRLwin tag in your messages) for the following games:

(Gift me cows! And trees)


Farm Town
(Gift me fuel)
The coolest thing about Farm Town is I can write stuff by strategically planting the crops:


YoVille :


Cafe World
(one of my fave games on FB)


Jungle Extreme

Jungle Extreme is pretty new & I haven't taken any pics of it but please join me there. I'm lonely.

Soooooo... What do you like to play?


Remember to keep commenting on all blog posts using the tag #CRLwin to gain entries for the drawings! All month long through the 27th!


SiNn said...

I play farm ville only i suck at it im not good have no clue what im doing lol i also play angie foxs lil game on face book i love love games #CRLwin

SaturnMoonie said...

Ay dios mio, Rain. LOL. Sorry, not even your contest(s) will get me to join those games. You should join What to Wear, THAT'S fun. :P

Nice crops, btw.

As you know, I love me some Sims. Btw, quick update: I'm TRYING to get you and David Cook together but whenever he flirts with you, you get weirded out. LOL loser! Me and David B had twin girls, and we're engaged. :D Lisa and Vin have a sexual relationship going on. Currently, me, Lisa and Vin are in France.

That's about it!

;) #CRLwin

SaturnMoonie said...

Although on second thought...that screen shot of Cafe World looks interesting. What is this game about? (LMAO!)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Moonie- It figures. Even in an alternate reality, David Cook won't give me the time of day ) - :

Cafe World is so much fun. Come on. Give it a try. You make food and keep your restaurant running.

SiNn- I go through phases with Farmville where I like/don't like it. It defnitely takes some time to build up your farm. I mostly like the animals.They're so cute.

SaturnMoonie said...

...cept it's YOU that won't give HIM the time of day. Boy tries. You're all like, "Dude, leave me alone, I don't have time for this! I got novels to write."

I joined Cafe World. You're my waitress. LOL.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Me? Refusing advances by David Cook? INSANITY!!! What do you have me smoking in that game?!?!?!?!