Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the Dream Teller

With the Blood Revelation series soon kicking off with the release of Blood Curse, I thought I'd introduce you to whom is probably the most major minor character in the series.


In the realm of dreams, an old wise witch roams, watching over the chosen. She sees them through sightless eyes, knows what they will do before they do it, and puts them back on the right path when they veer away.


Hello, Dream Teller. Is that what you go by or is there another name you use?

Dream Teller is fine.

OK. Thank you for joining us today. I should explain to our guests that I've actually joined you today, as you never leave this realm. It's pretty cold here.

The dream realm has been known to amplify one's fears, chilling them. It is a normal reaction.

Did Rialto and Aria have this reaction?

Yes. Aria, especially.

Why did you bring them here?

I had an important message. From time to time I must bring very special people here to deliver urgent messages or guide them on their way.

Of all the people you've brought here, who did you like the most? And the least?

All I have brought here have been chosen for a greater purpose. They are all special in some way and I enjoy them all. Seta, though, amuses me the most. Jacob can be the most... trying, but I am very fond of him.

I've certainly heard Jake described as trying before, but I don't think many people would use the word amusing to describe Seta.

No one else would be brave enough. Seta is very fiery, but we understand each other, I suspect.

Hmmm. I drew a picture of you for our guests. What do you think ab... Oh. I mean...

It's all right, dear. I may be blind, but I see far more than most. I'm sure your picture is bea... well, I'm sure it represents my appearance well.

How old are you, if I may ask? I've heard you've been around quite a long time.

Many, many centuries.

You've always lived in this realm?

Not always, but... It feels like it.

I thought witches weren't immortal unless they're part vampire. Are you a hybrid?


So how have you lived for so long? Does it have something to do with this realm?

I'm very special, as are the chosen. I believe we were to discuss them today.

Oh yeah. Right. So you've seen the actual Blood Revelation prophesy in its entirety and know it well? You're not just going off the stories passed down through generations?

The prophesy is carefully protected in this realm. I know exactly who the chosen are and what their duty is.

Can you share this with us?

The Blood Revelation prophesy states that three sets of chosen immortals will mate, creating powerful soldiers, one of which will save the human race from Satan's wrath.

So... Is that one child to each pair of chosen immortals? How will they know which one is the one who'll save us?

They'll know. They'll know before the child is even born.

So why do more have to be born? Why not just the special child who's going to save us?

You'll see. There is a reason to everything.

Will the child be a boy or a girl?

For the protection of the child, I'd better not say.

The special child will be hunted, correct?

All of the chosen will be hunted. The parents and the children will never be able to quit looking over their shoulders until the prophesy is fulfilled.

Why were immortals chosen? Why vampires? Aren't they suppsoed to be born of evil?

Some are. Some aren't. Just as with humans, there are bad and good in all lifeforms. Oh, believe me, there are some very evil vampires, some of which the chosen will have to go against, but there are others even more evil than them. And there are some good vampires, braver and more caring than any human you have ever met. You must judge by the heart, never by the genetic makeup. The immortals chosen for this prophesy were chosen because of what lies in their hearts. They are strong fighters, yes, but more than that. They will die for what is right.

That sounds ominous. Will they have to die to complete this prophesy?

Some will, and some won't, but death is not what you think it is. It is not what you fear.

Oooh-kay. I'll take your word for it. Is tehre anything else you can tell the readers?

Just to open their minds and enjoy the story, safely assured the Blood Revelation prophesy will be fulfilled, even if I have to prod some stubborn immortals in the right direction from time to time.

Ok, then. Thank you, Dream Teller, for uh, having me over. Now please beam me back down. I'm freezing my ta ta's off and I didn't have much to begin with.


The Blood REvelation, Book One: Blood Curse (Rialto and Aria's story) will be released soon and I'll be drawing a winner on the 27th to receive a signed copy. To enter, just continue leaving comments on my blog and don't forget to use #CRLwin in your comment to be entered!

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