Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Miranda West

Hello, everyone. Today we're chatting with Miranda West, the mother of Presley West, the hero of Guardian Cowboy.

Me: Hi, Miranda. Thanks again for joining us today.

Miranda: No problem, sweetie-pie. I just finished watching the Elvis marathon on tv and there wasn't much else I had going on today.

Me: You really like Elvis, don't you?

Miranda: What's not to like?

Me: Well, I know a lot of people like Elvis Presley, but you even named your son after him.

Miranda: Nothing wrong with that. Elvis Presley was a fine role model.

Me: I guess he was. There's a rumor you've had six hound dogs named Elvis?

Miranda: That's just a rumor. I've only had four.

Me: Oh. Glad you cleared that up. So tell us about Presley. I hear he's a talented man.

Miranda: Sure is. Smart, tough as nails, and has a heart of gold just like his daddy, may he rest in peace. Presley used to be in the military and was offered a job in the secret service but turned it down to work as a bodyguard.

Me: Wow. An offer from the secret service is pretty special. I heard he was pretty good in the rodeo arena too?

Miranda: Best bareback bronc-buster you'll ever know. It's a dangerous sport, though, so he doesn't participate very often. He runs a retirement home for horses now. That's my Presley, always watching out for those who can't watch out for themselves.

Me: Speaking of that, I hear he's been watching out for a very special young lady...

Miranda: Who, Amber? Ain't she a cutie? Such a good girl, though she doesn't seem to know it, the poor thing.

Me: What exactly is she needing protection from?

Miranda: Well, now... I can't say. Presley wouldn't like for me to spill the beans about that. She's under his protection and I don't want the wrong people to know anything.

Me: I gotcha. So, do you like Amber?

Miranda: Love her to pieces.

Me: Do you think anything will come of her and Presley?

Miranda: Provided he yanks his head out of his butt, I sure do. In fact, I've already got baby names picked out. What do you think of Aaron and Garon?

Me: Aaron and... Aren't those the middle names of Elvis and his stillborn brother?

Miranda: Sure are. Oh goodness, speaking of my man, you would not believe the dream I had of him last night. I was in this humongous bathtub just filled with fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and in walks Elvis in this tiny little gold lamé towel. It looked more like a handkerchief, really, and as he stepped closer to the tub it got smaller and smaller, and...

Me: Um, okay, Miranda. I think I know where this is going. Actually, I heard Charro is coming on in a few so I'll let you go.

Miranda: Charro? Ooh, I love Elvis with a beard. Gotta go!

So... That was Presley's cooky mama. She's always fun. What do you think of her?


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Ilona Fridl said...

I'm always interested in Elvis fans and how they tick. Being an avid Beatle fan, myself. Miranda, good luck on your book.

SaturnMoonie said...

Hehe. Funny lady.

Soooo can't wait to read this book.

COWBOYS!!! *Swoon*


Christle Gray said...

You already know how much I love this story. Can't wait to buy it so I can read it again!