Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Seta

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Seta, one of the vampires who play an important role in the Blood Revelation, the prophesy which foretells of pre-destined immortals mating to create powerful warriors, one of which who will save the world from Satan's wrath.

Like most vampires, Seta is careful about letting people see her. She doesn't allow photographs of herself, but was kind enough to allow me this little interview. Since I can't show you her picture, I'll just describe her for you. I'd call her petite going off her height, but with those curves... voluptous is a more fitting word. She's Spanish, brunette (her hair is raven-black, actually, and very long) with dark brown eyes, and really likes the color black. She has a tendency to dress in long, flowing skirts or skin-tight jeans and rib-knit tops. Today she's wearing black leather pants, a tight black T-shirt,and black knee-high boots with a heel that could pierce a person's heart right through their chest.

Seta: Can we get this little interview over, please? I'm famished.

Me: Oh, sure thing. (Mama didn't raise no fool. I'm not keeping a hungry vampire longer than I have to, especially when she keeps looking at my throat...Yikes.)

Seta: Good. Ask your questions.

Me: So, um, Seta. Thanks for stopping by tonight to answer some questions for the readers. Can you explain why vampires don't generally like to have their pictures taken?

Seta: It's dangerous. Mortals fear those they have no chance of defeating in a fair fight. One individual mortal may be able to come to grips with what we are, but humans as a whole are stupid, and only see the dark side of vampires. If we allow the world to know of our presence the mortals will wage an all-out war against us, convinced we're here to kill them all. Thus, we don't allow record of our existence.

Me: But some mortals know of your existence. Otherwise, there'd be no stories about your kind.

Seta: Yes. Some do, and some have capitalized by writing books or screenplays, but they are smart enough to claim they created vampires in their head. Many of the newer writers may very well write from imagination, going off books and movies, but the early writers... They knew of us and thanks to them, the whole world knows what the word Vampire means. However, they think we're pretend. Works for us.

Me: So why are you doing this interview if you don't want the world to know about you?

Seta: Do you really think anyone will believe this is real? One or two people may, but the majority will think it's all a scheme to help you sell books. (She shrugs a shoulder) I really do need to find a drink, if you could move this along...

Me: Oh, yeah. Ok. What is the Blood Revelation?

Seta: A prophesy that's been around since... forever, I imagine. According to it three sets of vampires will be chosen to mate and create warriors, one of which will save the world from Satan's wrath.

Me: What's that mean, save the world from Satan's wrath?

Seta: I don't know. Maybe it means the warrior will kill the bastard.

Me: Is that possible?

Seta: Anything is possible.

Me: Speaking of anything being possible, you're not just your regular vampire, are you?

Seta: No. I am a born witch, which in other words means I was born into my power as all true witches are. That didn't change when I became a vampire.

Me: When and how were you changed into a vampire?

Seta: I was changed shortly after weaning my son. He was a year old, and I had recently turned nineteen. I was changed over the same way as any other vampire. A vampire drank my blood until I hovered over death, and fed me from his veins.

Me: He? Who changed you into a vampire? The father of your child?

Seta: No. (Her eyes darken into black orbs) The father of my child tried to kill me after taking my son away. Eron changed me over.

Me: Is Eron your mate?

Seta: Next question.

Me: Er, ok. Um... So... all vampires are created the same way?

Seta: Yes. Well... Nyla was created differently, but let's not go into that since your readers won't meet her until the second book.

Me: Good idea. Can you tell the readers who they will meet in Blood Curse, the first book in the series you so graciously allowed me to write (Seta rolls her eyes at my obvious brown-nosing), and what you think of them?

Seta: In addition to me, the readers will meet Rialto, my son, a handsome devil if I say so myself. He gets it from me, of course. I would kill for him, have killed for him. They will meet Christian, an old friend of ours and the only vampire I know who has never killed. I like him, consider him family, though he grates my nerves sometimes. A person can only be so good. They'll meet Eron, though he's not at his best, and Aria, of course.

Me: Do you like Aria? Most mothers don't like the women their sons fall for.

Seta: I like her enough. We have our moments, but if I thought she was bad for my son I would have killed her.

Me: Ohhh-kay. Anyone else?

Seta: The Porters. (Seta rolls her eyes) Jonah is alright for a human, and Jacob... He's growing on me. Some might say like a fungus, but we can stand together in a room now and not try to kill each other. Progress has been made.

Me: Hmm. Ok. So... how many people have you killed?

Seta: Not as many as one would think. I've been told I have a volatile temper. Rip a few heads off and suddenly everyone's a critic. However, I don't kill good people. If I kill someone, they more than deserve it.

Me: Well, that's good, I suppose. Seeing as how you're a witch, what kinds of tricks can you do?

Seta: I'm a witch, not a magician.

Me: Oh. Sorry. I meant what kind of powers and abilities do you have?

Seta: The usual. I can call upon the elements, create witch's fire, teleport, probe psyches, etc.

Me: Can you turn people into toads? (I briefly turn into a toad, let out a croak, then change back.) I'll take that as a rrrib-yes.

Seta: Did I mention magic uses up my power which makes me hungry?

Me: Ok, a few more questions and then you can go find someone to, um, donate... dinner for you. What was your favorite decade?

Seta: I like this one. I'm not a very timid woman so the more power women have, the more I like a particular era. The 1800's were absolutely dreadful, even after I was changed into a vampire.

Me: I can imagine. What's your musical taste?

Seta: I like opera. I absolutely detest rap. All that fast talking... It's pitiful what people consider music these days.

Me: I'm a big David Cook fan. Do you like him?

Seta: He's good. That song, Lie? Beautiful.

Me: I agree. So... Why do you think people should read the Blood Revelation series?

Seta: Well, I'm a bit biased, but I think it's a wonderful story. Granted, when I read over the draft I had to approve I of course had to skip over all those love scenes featuring my son (she shudders) but there's lots of action and drama. However, the bottom line is that you need the money.

Me: Ain't that the truth. Well, thank you for talking with us today, Seta. If you're still hungry, you can... She disappeared. Ok, end of interview since our guest just vanished. Hope you enjoyed meeting Seta! Look for her in Blood Curse!


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SaturnMoonie said...

Nice interview. :)


misskallie2000 said...

I love Seta. Her book sounds like a winner and I would love to read.


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Christle Gray said...

Love the interview!

Seta is so bad ass, and funny. Though, I'm not sure she realizes she funny, which could be bad. One wrong giggle and I'd be a toad!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Christle- One wrong giggle and you'd be headless. Heck, even I tread carefully with Seta ( - ;