Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Favorite Vampire Book

With the upcoming release of my first book featuring vampires, I thought we'd discuss favorite vampire books. Mine just happens to be the first vampire romance I ever read. Twilight Hunger, by Maggie Shayne.
Dante was the ultimate vampire hero. He had the whole attitude going on. Dark, mysterious, somewhat tortured. He acted like a man who'd lived way too damn long. He was one tough SOB, too.
If I'm being honest, the heroine of the book was a little too weak for my liking, but she had a medical condition and was dying so hullo... she was allowed to be a little weak.
I loved their story, and how they instantly fell for each other.
I see a little of Dante in Rialto, the hero of Blood Curse. The long dark hair, the protectiveness. Dante was turned by his aunt. Rialto was turned by his mother. They both have that still-clinging-to-the-old-world feel about them.
*sigh* Maggie Shayne writes some kick-ass vampires.
I'm honestly surprised Shayne isn't more known than she is. The Wings In The Night series (I call it the Twilight series because the majority of the titles have Twilight in the name...and before anyone says anything she was writing these gems looooooooooong before Edward and Bella came out) has done really well. She's a best-selling author. Yet, when I mention her books I always get a "never heard of her." Maybe I'm just not hanging around the right people...
Anyway. Twilight Hunger is my favorite vampire book of all time, and the book that started my love of the genre. What's yours?
Remember to include #CRLwin in your comments. I'll be announcing a winner of Blood Curse on the 28th (I think I said 27th in an earlier post. That was incorrect. Sorry).
Come back on 3/1 to see who wins the grand prize of any 3 of my books. All comments featuring #CRLwin in them are automatically entered. get some more in while time allows!

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SaturnMoonie said...

Oh man that's a hard question. I've read so many vampire books, I couldn't possibly pick just one!

For starters, there's Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith. Read those in middle school, re-read them recently cuz of the show and cuz the author decided to revisit and write new books in the series.

Then there's the Dead End Dating series by Kimberly Raye. I looove her pink loving, pink bat, girly girl vamp.

Then there's Glory in the Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett. I love that Glorianna is a plus sized vampire that hungers for cheetos but can't have any. Ha!

Shannon Drake writes some really good vampire books too that I love.

Honestly that was what popped in my head after 10 seconds. I love all of those, and the many others I haven't mentioned.