Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"True" Ghost Story ????

Yesterday we talked about TRUE ghost stories. Today, let's talk about those stories you just know can't be true... Or can they?

Let's start with Bloody Mary. You say her name 3 times in a mirror and she comes out to kill you. True? I don't see how it's possible. First of all, no spirit has that power. A demon, maybe, but a ghost? Puh-leese. It is kind of puzzling how you can never come across someone who has said her name 3 times in front of a mirror and lived to tell the tale... Hmmm.... Will I ever try and see what happens? Nope.

Then there's the lady on the road that you pick up at night but she disappears after you pass a certain point... My great-uncle supposedly did this. Is it true? Wouldn't everyone in the world know about it if it was? Wouldn't ghost-groupies flock to the road for a chance at picking her up?

Don't you ever wonder where these stories get their origin? One of the things I love about the show, Supernatural, is how they take these urban myths and give them a plausible backstory then kill the ghost in the episode.

But don't you wonder where these stories REALLY came from? Were a group of kids sitting around thinking up scary stories to pass off as true or did something really happen that made them believe there were ghosts who did these things?

Let me share with you a hilarious account of a "True Ghost Story."

When my mom was a little girl, my granny made my uncle take her along everywhere he went. Well, he didn't always want his bratty little sister tagging along with him and his friends so one day he grabbed up a bunch of scary comics and went off with my mother right on his heels.
On his way to his friend's house he passed the cemetery where a grave had been dug up for a burial the next day. He figured my mom couldn't possibly get in trouble if he left her there.

He actually put my mother in the grave, told her to be quiet and read (SCARY comics, mind you) while he went to his friend's house and he'd be right back for her.

Well, my mom was just a little girl and reading scary comics while sitting in a grave in the middle of a cemetery is of course not much fun for a little girl. As the sky started to darken, she got more scared. She just wanted to go home but she couldn't get out by herself.

She heard footsteps, then a man's voice saying "Hi, honey. I brought you some flowers" as he apparently visited a nearby grave.

My mom said "Hey!"

She heard the guy give a startled cry. "Who's there?"

My mom: "I'm down here!"

The man: "Down where?"

My mom: "I'm in the grave! Help me!"

The man: "Oh shit!!!"

Then she heard the sound of him running like hell and when her brother finally came and got her out she saw the flowers strewn all over the ground where he'd flung them before running for his life.

I guarantee you that to this day that man, his family, and his friends and all they've told are telling the story of when he went to the cemetery and a real ghost talked to him.



SaturnMoonie said...

OMG I LOVE this post! It's probably my favorite one you've ever written.

I have said Bloody Mary 3 times in front of the mirror, and I'm still here!...Or am I? Maybe Mary took over my body. :P

My brother supposedly did the hitchhiker thing too.

I dunno though, aren't all legends and myths and the such derived from truth? That's what I like to think. Maybe not all of them...but maybe, just maybe, there is a lady at some random road in like Australia or Bombay or someplace waiting for someone to pick her up, only to vanish from the car minutes later.


Julie Robinson said...

Your poor Mom!!! but that is too funny. It makes for a great story.
#CRL win