Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who Is Jennifer Santiago?

I remember reading a storybook to one of my kids when they were very little and noticing a note the author/illustrator had put into the front. She'd noted that in every illustration, she had managed to hide each of her grandchildren's initials. I thought... Cool. What an awesome idea.

It stuck with me.

I love little stuff like that, like how when you go see a horror movie based on a Stephen King novel you know he'll be somewhere in it. If you blink you just might miss him, but he's there somewhere in some very minor role. It's just one of those "extras" thrown in.

I was reading a romance novel by Meryl Sawyer and had a nice little chuckle when the heroine "picked up her latest Meryl Sawyer romance novel..." That was cute.

Then there's Supernatural. Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of the show. One of the reasons why is because they totally make fun of themselves. In the episode where they go to prison and Dean asks Sam, "What? All of a sudden you're from Texas?" (Not sure on the EXACT quote but that was at least close) The funny thing about that line was that both actors ARE from Texas, and the show's writers know the fangirls know this. They know all about the fangirls, which is why they've poked fun at us in several episodes. And they poke fun at the guys, referencing names of other shows and/or movies they've been in.

So... What could I do as something a little "extra" in my books? I could have my characters read my books, but with a name like mine... I think it's more distracting than cute. I don't have illustrations to hide initials in, but I do have stories to hide a whole name in!

My very first real fan (by real fan I mean someone I totally did not know, who read my book, then gushed over it in a review and showed fan-like qualities) was a lovely young lady by the name of Jennifer Santiago.

To honor my first official fan, and add in a little "extra" something to my books, I've decided to insert her name in each book (or a book in each series) I write.

The Fire Still Burns and Moonlit Dreams were already published by the time I got my first official fan. I was working on the 3rd book in the Blood Revelation series at that time so I inserted her name into it.

That book won't be released for a while yet so the first book you'll have the opportunity to locate her name in will be Guardian Cowboy, the book I'm giving away a copy of in the next drawing.

So... What do you think? Can you think of any authors/screenwriters/etc. that do this little stuff? What do you think of it? Super cool? Or lame and I'm a dork for doing it? ( - ;

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SaturnMoonie said...

OMG that's me!!! LOL. I adjusted my glasses when I read the title of your post. I thought I had gone mad.



Okay, well I have seen cute lil things like that before. Don't ask me where, I can't remember!!!

Oh oh oh but I THINK that one of the Linda Wisdom books I read did that. If I'm not mistaken it was an Annette Blair book.

Oh, and Gery Bartlett put her own book in one of her other books. Hehe.

I think stuff like that is freaking hilarious and cute as hell. Especially if it's my name. :P


misskallie2000 said...

I think it is sweet to include your 1st fan in your books. I don't know of another author who does. I just found you so will be following and will add you to my new author list and buy one of your books.
Great post.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Crystal-Rain Love said...

@misskallie2000 Well, welcome aboard! Glad to have you here.

@SaturnMoonie Girl, you went mad a long time ago. ( - ; Loves ya!