Monday, April 26, 2010

I Might As Well Quit Writing...

I've been noticing a rise in traffic to my website since my new releases this year. Of course this excited me, imagining how that would translate into sales. I got kind of suspicious when I saw so many of the visitors to the site were from several different countries. What in the world was happening to gain so much attention from foreign countries?

Found it today. Apparently, my foreign readers really love to download illegal copies of my books. I get no compensation from this, by the way.

I wrote an article about it here: but basically, my books are being illegally downloaded by the 1,000s and I am still scraping by on unemployment trying to feed my kids while searching night and day for a job.

Why bother writing if it's just going to be stolen? I might as well resort to something more lucrative to me... like hookering. You can't illegally download that.

In case I haven't said it enough, People Suck Ass.

To my readers who have legally purchased my books (or got them from a library, used book store, and other LEGAL means) I thank you deeply for being decent human beings.

To my readers who choose to just steal what I spend months working on, knowing what they are doing is wrong, and depriving me of the royalties I deserve and would love to have so I can quit worrying about keeping my house... I believe in karma so I'm not going to even say what I wish upon you.

Grow a conscience, people. It's not that hard.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fastest Book Ever

I just finished writing the first novella in my Cook County, Colorado series. I got the idea for it ten days ago, wrote the first scene... and then just took off from there.

I've always written novellas quicker than novels, the fast pace and short time frame they require always making it easier to stay on track, but this one breaks the record. 10 days from concept to finish. If I can keep this up I won't have any problem getting multiple books out per year.

This story (for now I'm going with the title Second Chance Cowboy)features Chance Masters, an ex-bullrider. As usual when working on a story, a secondary character stood out and caught my eye so book #2 is already being thought out. It will feature Chance's brother, Lucky. Hopefully I'll write it as quickly as I wrote this one and then move along to the next.

I loved writing Guardian Cowboy for the Wayback Texas series and decided to start my own series revolving around a town rich with cowboys. Hopefully TWRP will be as enthusiastic about it as I am. After a 3-release beginning to the year, I'd love to get some new material out before the end of 2010.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Book is up for Book of the Week

Blood Curse just received a 5-book (5-star) review from The Long And Short Of It Reviews this week and is now up for Book of teh Week. Can you please check out th ereview and vote for Blood curse?

Please RT & Vote: Blood Curse is ip for Book of the Week:

Thank you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, The Crazy Dreams I Dream

Maybe it's the stress of looking for a job for 7 months and still not getting anything, or the fear of what will happen when I (very soon, if I don't find work like...NOW!!!)can no longer pay my mortgage, but I am having some doozies when it comes to dreams.

So, I woke up this morning straight off a trip to loonie land A*K*A My Dream World. In this particular dream I was hanging around the staffing agency I recently signed up at. Not bad, huh? I wasn't wearing any pants. Or underwear.
Now, this actually isn't that odd for me. I know we've all heard of the "Going to the office naked" dream. Apparently it is very common to dream about going to your workplace, school, whatever naked.
I don't tend to do this though. In my dreams, it's only from the waist down and I always have on a shirt that's just a weeeeee bit short to cover the essentials.
So what does this dream mean? I'm sure there's some psychological explanation for it. I just hope it's not literal, as in I'm going to have to start dropping my pants soon to pay my mortgage.

So that was crazy dream numero uno.

On to crazy dream part 2. It involves a common guest star who has made many appearances in my dreams since he took the coveted American Idol crown back in season seven. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Mr. David Cook:


sadly, in my dream Mr. Hot Stuff had shaved the middle portion of his hair off. Basically, he was bald from ear to ear, but still had hair in front and back. He had tribal tattoos where his hair should have been. He also had a tribal tattoo on his forehead.
His arms, neck, everywhere you can see skin (normally see skin in public, it wasn't THAT type of dream) was covered in tattoos. Really weird designs or just a bunch of words. He had the name Ashley or Ashlynn all over him. I'm pretty sure it was Ashley, but he wouldn't say who Ashley was. In the very few spots that hadn't yet been inked he had scraps of paper with designs or words on them (some more said Ashley) taped to him like place markers for future tattoos.
I remember being in the dream but I had no interaction with him. I'm not sure, but I think it was at McDonald's or somewhere and I was just looking at him as he walked through laughing when everyone asked him what was up with the new do and the tats.

Before he could reach me the dream changed and I was standing outside the apartment of Craig Horner, who plays Richard on Legend of the Seeker. He came out wearing a T-shirt and shorts and ran past the paparazzi into a waiting car, and I was shocked by how short he was.

That's it. Wonder what I'll dream next.