Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Working!!!! (And I had another David Cook dream).

First off, congrats to me because after eight months of unemployment, I am officially employed. Sadly, it's only a five-month temp position, but it's something. Yesterday was my first day and I still don't know what my job is... LOL! We spent about eight hours signing papers and watching videos about workplace safety. I'm a "clerk" so I know it's something clerical. I have more training today so I imagine I will know what my job is by the end of today's shift.
It's a little strange being back to work. I've spent the past eight months at home on my computer searching for work or concentrating on my writing, trying to make some use of all the free time between job interviews. It'll take some getting used to being out of the house for such long blocks of time.
I'm still on the job hunt. I need something to slide into after this job ends.
Writing will definitely take a hit. I've been so productive these past eight months, but I'm back to squeezing in time, which is harder now than when I worked before, because I'm also getting a business degree through online college courses. I have to squeeze those in before anything else so writing sadly has been pushed aside. *sigh*
Anyway, I'm glad to be working again and earning a paycheck.


On to my David Cook dream.... I dream about that man so much it's frightening. In this dream I was watching TV and there was a little special that came on about him and he and his band were doing a cover of The B-52's song, Love Shack. Crazy, huh? After the end he was talking and some woman yelled out "Bring your sexy ass down here!" which he thought was funny. He actually walked off the stage, asked who said that and then started running toward her. She started running toward him (she was a really big, jiggly, older woman)and you would have thought they'd meet in the middle, but she ran right past him with her hands up in the air and just screaming like crazy. David cracked up and was laughing hysterically and kind of jumping up and down with tears in his eyes. He kept trying to catch her but she was flopping all over like a fish, so excited she was going to get to hug him, yet she was missing the point of actually hugging him.
It was funny. I woke up laughing.

I have weird dreams. I know. At least they make me chuckle.

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Anonymous said...

Yep sounds like some extremely crazy dreams, but glad to hear you are working again. I have tried hard to squeeze in writing between work and college and it just hasn't happened for me. Hopes it works better for you. Keep your head up and your heart open, things will work out fine.

Paula Beaty