Saturday, May 1, 2010

Legend of the Seeker Canceled? WTF????

Can Twitter save Legend of the Seeker?

Word on the street (or in this case, the internet) is that Legend of the Seeker will not be renewed for a third season due to low ratings.
As an avid fan of this show who knows its mass appeal to fans of fantasy and sci-fi I find this hilarious.
The show gets virtually no publicity and has been tossed around all season from one timeslot to another to make room for baseball on the WGN network, which isn’t exactly popular, yet still rakes in over two million viewers.

The hashtag, #LegendoftheSeeker has made its presence on Twitter today, currently ranking third in trending topics with no sign of disappearing. Fans are uniting to beseech the powers that be for a third show of this incredible show they have failed to properly represent.

In a world where vampires, werewolves, angels and every kind of fantasy creature you can conjure (Supernatural fans will know what I mean) are dominating the entertainment world what sense does it make to not promote a show that has the fantasy element and is as entertaining as this one?

Legend of the Seeker tells the story of Richard, a man who was brought up as a simple woodsman but later finds he is the Seeker, the man who will save his land from the evil among it. Some of the characters on the show include Kahlan Amnell, a confessor. She can tell whether people are lying or telling the truth, and with a touch of her hand she can confess them, making them bend to her will.
Zed is an old wizard of the first order, and Richard’s biological grandfather. He can shoot fire from his hands and perform a variety of spells.
Cara started out as a villainous Mord Sithe, a woman who can use others’ powers against them and serves Darken Rahl, the tyrant who tried to control the world. Now on Richard’s side, she has fast become one of the most popular and complex characters on the show.

Legend of the Seeker airs on Saturdays on the WGN network. Check your local listings for times (and hope they are right) to give this show a try.

Once you do, please consider joining to protest cancellation by joining in on the Twitter trending bandwagon or visit


tsukasa said...

To be honest, I'm among the people who has been ignoring the TV series because I found it immensely disappointing. From the slow motions shots to the extreme deviations from the main plot, the TV series is more of a joke than anything else. The books had substance and power that the TV series lacks seriously.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

It seems that most who've watched the show and don't like it are the readers of the series. Books are always going to be better than the shows or movies based on them. I've never read the books so I can look at the show through an unbiased eye and I love it. I definitely think it has a lot of substance. The good versus evil, the love story between Richard and Kahlin. I LOVE how Cara was able to be redeemed, and how Richard stood up for her so many times. I'm sad to see the show go. I will eventually read the books, and I'm sure they'll be wonderful,but I'll still miss the show. There's definitely an advantage to seeing a show/movie before reading the book. Just like Harry Potter. I won't read the books until I see the final movie. I know that reading the books will make the movies seem horrible. (-;

tsukasa said...

The problem isn't that the books are better, it's that they're immensely better. The TV series is too different, too cheesy, too predictable. The characters are not very likable in the series either, but in the books, everyone has so much more substance, they're much better characters for it. In the books, Richard merely redeemed all of the Mord Sith, and his experience with Denna was also more powerful in the books than in the series.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

I have to get those books... (-;