Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Masters Is Creeping Up On My Bad Side...

Haven't posted much. I've been juggling working and my online college courses, along with kid activities and...oh yeah, trying to write a book. I think I totally spoiled myself writing Second Chance Cowboy. That novella just zoomed right through from first draft to submission. I figured that since I wrote Chance's story in only 10 days, his brother's story would be quick, too. Nuh uh. Lucky has a whole lot going on in his life and the words are so hard to get out. I've got great scenes in my head, really great scenes. It's just a struggle getting to the part where I can add them in.
I've thought of throwing the five chapters I have out and starting from scratch, but I think I can continue on from the point I'm at now. I just wish I could write faster.
That was the upside of unemployment. I wrote like a frigging machine when I wasn't working, especially before I started for my degree. Now that I'm back to work the writing process is taking a negative hit. )-: I miss the productivity.

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Tahlia said...

I know the feeling. I rewrote the first 5 chapters of my recent YA novel, 'Lethal Imheritance', so many times I lost count. In the end I took all the events, juggled them for a bit and let them fall into a different order in time. It took a long time for that to happen though.

You can read ch1 at
and If you're interested,see where I'm up to in the process of getting published on the home page.

I'd be interested to see what you think (the love story starts later.