Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Tattoo

I was so busy with all this contest stuff I forgot to show off my new tattoo on here. This is my second and last one, much bigger than the crying eye on my shoulderblade, but not as big as it looks. I don't know why it looks so big in pictures. I got this one with my kids' initials inside the cross to represent God holding and protecting them. The roses are supposed to be bleeding, representing that from the blood of Christ comes beauty & life (the roses) and great blessings (my children) BUT... my tattoo guy forgot to add the blood drops so I have to go back in and get that done. :)



CJ said...

Gorgeous tattoos. Now why is it hidden?

Crystal-Rain Love said...

You can see it peeking out over my jeans so it's not fully hidden. :) I like to put them where I can show/hide depending on where I am.