Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kicked Writer's Block To The Curb!

I've struggled this past year with writing. It seemed I was always too tired or too stressed, then I wasted precious time trying to write a prequel to my Blood Revelation series when it just wasn't working. I found reason after reason to keep putting off actually sitting my butt in a chair and writing...

...but I kicked writer's block in the butt today! Inspired by a few articles about romance authors who write full-time and actually make a good living from it, I decided it was time to make the dream happen. I grabbed the laptop, locked myself in the bedroom away from all distractions and this is what happened:

Blood Revelation Book 5:

Now, for non-writers who don't know how good this is, let me put it like this: 1200 words in a day is good. Over 6000 = AWESOME!

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