Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Want To Be A Ghost Hunter!

I've been watching Ghost Adventures and it seems like a cool gig. You just go to haunted places and record your visit. I can do that. I've already been to Waverly Hills where I happened to have my hair pulled and I saw some ghost chick watching us. I also took this picture of like a zillion orbs out on the roof.

I'm brave enough. I laid down on a slab in the morgue for fifteen minutes. I've had a ton of ghostly encounters thanks to having lived in a few haunted places. Ghosts seem to like me, maybe even seek me out. I've done a few crazy psychic things so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know.

I know, I know... there are a bunch of "ghost hunter" shows on TV already, but they're generally male ghost hunters. I think it's time for a group of women to have a ghost hunting show, and not sissy women who want to scream at every little thing, or women who just have to have their boobs popping out their shirts or always conveniently find a way to fit in a bikini shot, which seems to be the only way women get on TV (like the new chick on Ice Road Truckers. Chick is in Alaska ad manages a bikini shot. Seriously? Give me a break.) shows.

All I need is to visit these haunted places with a camcorder, a digital recorder, some flashlights, and an EMF thingamadoohicker. These guys do it:

So can I ! Who's with me? ;)


Clover Autrey said...

I love Ghost Adventures. Been watching it from the beginning when the guys didn't know what they were doing, but caught that awesome ghost on film.

They are so funny, which is part of the appeal. My sisters & I went to The Birdcage Theatre in Tuscon and totally caught some orbs and stuff.

Here's a link to a possible ghostface (fastforward to about 2:00 on the video)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

I want to go there so bad. I want to go to Arizona anyway, but seeing Tombstone and that theater would be so awesome.