Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Wanna Go Camping!

Well, writing has been slow due to me basically just lounging around stuffing my face and crying. Oh, depression, my old friend, you suck ass!

BUT... I have decided I don't like being like this... and my jeans are getting too tight... and I haven't completed a new novel or novella since May 8,2010 ... and that is just unacceptable so I am focusing on the good stuff in life and moving forward with the things I want and actually have control over.

One of those things is my desire to go camping. I have wanted to go camping since I was a little girl but my parents weren't campers and I just never got around to it after I got old enough to go myself.

I'm going camping! Not immediately, but within this year. I'm super-psyched about it. I can't wait to sleep in a tent and fish for our dinner! We are going to try to "rough it" as much as possible, no buying food from the grocery conveniently located by the campground for us. No sir. No portable tv's and no laptop. We will be cooking hot dogs on a stick our first night and catching our own dinner (we hope!) the next night.

I will, however, make one concession: We will be using a campground that comes with bathrooms. I just can't deal with using nature as my toilet.

Other than that, totally ready for the whole "becoming one with nature" thing.

If anyone actually reads this blog (which let's face it, isn't likely due to the fact I have barely updated it this past year)and has any camping stories or advice, I would love to hear it!


Mel said...

awesome! lets hear all about your first camping trip okay?

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Will do :)