Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tennessee Day2

We stayed at LaurelCrest Resort on this trip because we got a deal from Bass Pro. We got 4 nights and 5 days for about $300. After getting back $150 in gift cards we only spent $150 on the room. Not bad.

However, the reason why we got the room at this rate was because we agreed to go to a 2-hour timeshare presentation from Bluegreen. That was the start to our second day. The presentation itself lasted 2 hours but by the time the salespeople were done, 3 hours had passed. To be fair, they were not really pushy so it wasn't bad. no, I did not buy a timeshare. I don't have the money for things like that.

After finally getting out of there we went to the Titanic Museum, which I believe just opened this year.

It wasn't all that great. At the beginning you got a character card, which was the story of a real passenger and by the end of the tour you would learn their fate. The memorabilia seemed to mostly be letters that had been sent from the passengers of the Titanic, and stuff from the passengers lives, not necessarily items actually found ON the Titanic. The display rooms showing what the rooms of the Titanic looked like were pretty cool, and you got to "touch an iceberg" and put your hand in water the same temperature as what the people on the Titanic had to fall into. Those poor, poor people. Feeling how cold the water was, your heart will break knowing how so many people were in that clinging to life.
Unfortunately they do not allow pictures inside so I have none to show.

Next up, The Alamo Steakhouse. This is my main reason fr going to Pigeon Forge. BEST FOOD EVER!

After that, it was on to Wonder Works, a pretty cool place inside a building designed to look upside down. There are all kinds of things to do inside (which would be more enjoyable if it wasn't always packed and you didn't have to wait all day for other people who don't care that there is a line behind them) and an art gallery of "strange"art. I really like the portraits done in bubble gum:

Then it was back to the resort for some fun in the pool!

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