Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Went Camping :)

Well, it only took nearly 34 years but I finally spent my first night sleeping outside in a tent. :) Since the kids were a little iffy on whether or not they wanted to go camping we decided to do a one-night campout to let everyone see how they liked it before committing to multiple days. The tent was fun to put up, as are all projects in which the directions don't quite seem to be in the right order... ;) After getting it set up, we went fishing. The teenager caught a pinecone. That was all anyone caught. The fishing trip got a little scary when some jackass psycho came to the pier with his two small children and started shooting bullets into the water. It got even scarier when he GAVE THE GUN TO HIS LITTLE GIRL TO SHOOT. Yes, this craziness really happened. Back at the camp site, we had hot dogs and smores,tossed around a football and played Uno until it got dark. The campsite rules stated a quiet time from 11pm to 6am, but unfortunately we found this to not really be enforced. We found out the hard way. We're talking yelling, loud music, fireworks and anything else you can think of all the way until 3 or 4am. This meant precious little sleep, but all in all, I enjoyed it. The final verdict? I WANNA GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So does my youngest. My son liked the fishing but wasn't crazy about the rest. Teenager hated it. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blogging Today/Giving AwayCopy of Blood Curse

I'm at today, giving away a signed copy of Blood Curse. Please spread the word if you can and don't forget to stop by and enter!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slayer's Prey Cover, Take II !!!

Ok, so this was my original cover: Which I had grown to really love the guy. Fellow authors know what I mean when I say you have to learn to accept your cover heroes and heroines. They never look the way you pictured them to look. Take this hero, Jacob Porter, for example. This is what he really looks like: Yup. Jensen Ackles was the image planted in my head way back in 2004 when I wrote this book. But I liked my original cover guy, and I liked that he wore a wifebeater and a cross necklace. It fit Jake Porter. You can imagine how I felt seeing that exact same cover on someone else's book about two or three days ago. Oh, curse you, stock photos!!!! So anyway, told my editor and Presto Change-o! New cover: Jakie lost his shirt. I'm sure many ladies will love this but my male buds who were awaiting this one are going to feel a little awkward... lol. I like it. I'd prefer a shirt on my hero but whatever. It's all good. The panther on this one is BEAUTIFUL!