Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be A Parent Or Keep Your Kids At Home

I'm going to say something that many people are going to agree with, and many other people are going to be offended by. You see, there are two types of parents : Parents who actually parent and parents who just breed and go about their day. Personally, I'm sick of the latter. Today we went to Olive Garden for what was supposed to be a nice, enjoyable birthday dinner for me. Unfortunately we were seated behind a booth occupied by a young woman, her mother, and her three small children. Within the first five minutes of sitting down, the little girl who was probably right at one year old let out a bloodcurdling scream and had a full on fit because her little brothers, who were about 2 and 3 years old (we thought they were twins but the woman later told the waitress they were 11 months apart)were playing with toys she couldn't have. The mother asked the little boys to put the toys away. Like five times. All the kids cried and screamed. Finally, the grandmother took the girl to the bathroom to change her diaper so we were free of that one for a little while, but during this time the little boys were fighting with each other, screaming, and crying. The mother just kept issuing empty threats. "Do you want me to take you to the bathroom and tap your behind?" "Do you want to go sit in the car?" And my personal favorite: "Stop or I will call your Pawpaw." Really, lady? You're a grown ass woman and you have to call YOUR father to make YOUR kids mind? REALLY!??!?!????!? Of course these threats did nothing to quiet her children because they have undoubtedly heard them fifty billion times. All the woman was doing was being loud herself, further annoying everyone around her with her empty threats. This continued throughout the entire time we were there, and when grandma came back to the table she wasn't much help either. Both of them just kept going on and on with the "You're being rude. People are trying to eat and you are being loud." Yes, dumbasses, they are, and so are you. Duh. Every person at every table around them shot looks of death in their direction the entire time. The manager kept glaring at them and sending the poor server over to try and occupy the kids to quiet them because he knew everyone around them was miserable. The worst part? After all that screaming and crying and flat out bad behavior, mom bought the little hellions dessert. Yes, sweetie, that's going to teach them how to act in public! Treat them with dessert to reward them for all the screaming and kicking the back of the booth! Great job! You're freaking mother of the year! I now understand why everywhere I go, people walk up to my table and comment on how good my children are. They've been through this hell before! It's really not complicated to make a child mind. Please spare me the "Kids will be kids" bullcrap. Be a freaking parent. You don't plead with a child to put a toy away if it is disruptive. You TELL them and make sure they do it. You don't make empty threats. You tell them what you are going to do and you DO IT. Kids catch on quick. Actually do your job and discipline them and they will mind. Keep telling them you're going to do something they know you are not going to do and they're just going to keep doing what they want. Last but not least, don't reward them after they've acted like tiny little demons! If you can't make your children mind, please do not take them out to eat and ruin the dining experience of everyone around you. People shouldn't have to pay their hard earned money to listen to your horrid children. And for crying out loud, if you are too incompetent to handle a child please don't pop one out every freaking year! Get a puppy and practice on it first. Sheesh. OK. Rant over. Feel free to tell me how mean I am and how I can't expect all kids to behave all the time and blah blah blah. Just don't expect me to ever believe that. I have three children, and they would never act like that because I took the time to do my job. Every parent should. Quit being scared of your kids and letting them run the show, people. By the way, the chicken parmesan was good. At least there was a bright side to the day. :)


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I agree with you! I'm sick and tired of seeing this kind of crap from kids because their parents don't know what they're doing or just don't care. I see it SO much, it's frustrating.

One thing I think a lot of parents don't understand is that at the end of the day, we're raising adults. You have to teach and discipline kids so that they don't grow up to be selfish, unkind brats in the future.

That's the end of my rant. ;)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

These are the parents whose kids walk all over them when they're big enough to. They were never taught to respect their parents, or teachers. These are the types of parents that always blame the teacher when their kid gets a bad grade. Have seen THAT too many times as well. It's just sad.