Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moonlit Watcher Made The Paranormal Romance Top 100 !

OMG!  I was super excited just to make Amazon Kindle's Romance Short Stories category, but as of this morning, Moonlit Watcher has broke into the overall Paranormal Romance Top 100 list!  It was at #87 two hours ago. It has already slipped down to 95 so may slip right on out, but I made it!!!!

It is currently #22 in Romance Short Stories. I haven't yet made it past #21 in that category, but that's still pretty awesome.


Teresa Reasor said...

Congratulations, Crystal. I'm so very pleased for you. I'll go buy my copy and help keep it up there on the list.
Teresa R.

Crystal-Rain Love said...
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Crystal-Rain Love said...

AWWWW, thank you! Much appreciated. :)