Monday, April 29, 2013

Now on Nook...

Moonlit Trilogy is now available on Nook with a snazzy updated cover. I originally published the paperback version on Amazon and am not sure if there is a way to get it over to too...   Bear with me, peoples. Still figuring all this stuff out.
I plan on releasing The Fire Still Burns over to Nook by June and possibly releasing some things onto iTunes and Kobo, etc.
The problem is the only way I've figured out how to do release my work EVERYWHERE is to go through Smashwords, and oh my goodness. I can't even understand whatever language their formatting guide is in. LOL!
Sure, there are plenty of "$##!@^!@&!^@^*!*@* moments involved in uploading books to Kindle and Nook, believe me, but Smashwords is a whole 'nother beast!

Hopefully I'll get it figured out eventually or make enough money writing that I can hire someone who knows how to do all the formatting stuff for me.

Up Next:

Working on The Redemption of Katie Rowe ,  a contemporary romance. Hoping to have it completed within the next month. Then it's on to a paranormal romance/slightly dark chick-litty vampire novel I had started on a few years ago, and after that... Moonlit Majesty!

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Crystal-Rain Love said...

aaaand I had to remove from Nook. Seems I can't have this since the novellas IN it are part of Amazon's KDP select program.

Sorry, Nook readers. Eventually I will be publishing ALL my novels and novellas on Nook as well as Kindle but there will be a delay before going to Nook. As an author trying to make this a full-time career, I have to do what is better for my family and I financially.