Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Just wanted to give an update on the status of ... well, everything.

Moonlit Majesty is still in process of being written.

Editing over 500 pages of manuscript to release Little White Lies, a romantic suspense.

Just found out the editor/publisher for my Blood Revelation series passed away Sunday night. This is very sad as Linda Kichline was a very sweet woman and far too young to leave us so soon. The authors have not yet heard what is to become of our works published with Imajinn. I imagine we will probably get our rights back. If so, I will be self-publishing the series rather than finding a new publisher. Two of the books in the series have been published already, with two more complete and ready to be published so if I get the rights back I will have those out as soon as I upload and get the cover art finished. Again, we have not been advised of anything and given the suddenness and  unexpectedness of this situation, I don't know when we will know anything but I will update as soon as I know something. Right now, just praying for Linda's family through this hard time. :(

As for me,  I have been very sick for quite a while and only seems to be getting worse. Went to doctor today where I was poked, prodded and apparently even pregnancy tested despite having tubes tied ten years ago and not doing ANYTHING to get pregnant in so long I can't even remember. Coulda saved the doc some trouble on that one but whatever. LOL. Sorry, gotta laugh through hard times in order to not totally lose it.

Anyway, it's a struggle but gotta keep pressing on. I am doing my best to write/edit as much as possible on days I can make it through work. Sadly, on days I can't make it to or through work I pretty much can't do anything but be sick. If I'm lucky, I sleep.

Hopefully the results of today's blood work will give us some answers as to what is going on with me. I just know I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I promise I will get new material out as soon as I possibly can.

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