Sunday, November 24, 2013

Met David Cook Again :)

One of these days my hair's gonna look decent in a picture.

Oh well. David's beautiful enough for the both of us. :)

I had VIP tickets so I got to see the sound check and meet him before the concert. We actually had a little conversation this time, much better than the conversation we had in Nashville which was just me saying "hey" and him replying "hey."  Fortunately my hoodie turned out to be a good conversation starter because it's not like I can think around him... lol. 

One of my videos from the show: 

Love this guy. 
Hope to see (and meet!) him again.

Oh...yeah... almost forgot...


Monday, November 4, 2013


I got the rights back on Books 3 & 4 in my Blood Revelation series and uploaded them to Smashwords and Kindle so they will be available on all ereaders soon. Already available on Kindle. 

I realized last night that there were error s with Siren's Snare so I fixed them and re-uploaded it. Sorry to those who already purchased. :(  I believe you can upload updated versions through Manage My Kindle.  Just hoping I don't get some bad reviews on that. :(  I love self-pubbing but formatting and editing can be problematic.

I am going to go back through Witch's Net and Little White Lies too, just to make triple sure I didn't miss anything on those. 

These will be my last new releases for 2013 but I plan to get quite a few things out in 2014: 

Moonlit Majesty
A Cook County book
1-2 Blood Rev books
1-2 books in a new YA series
LSAYD (paranormal romance)
Redemption (contemporary romance)

Oh, if you haven't read the first 2 books in the Blood Revelation series you can get them on Kindle. However, if you want to pick up with Witch's Net or Siren's Snare since they are cheaper,  they have the backstory sprinkled in.