Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Interview

Get a sneak peak of Moonlit Guardian and learn more about the Moonlit series ... and me right HERE!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Get it now on Amazon 

Kimiko Lee has it all: Fame, money ... and a stalker. The multiracial actress-singer
doesn't know who to trust as she receives threats and dodges bullets, especially when
those closest to her become suspects.

Her newest bodyguard, Draven Gregory, vows to keep her out of harm's way. Being a
weregargoyle, he has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep her safe.

As they quickly fall for each other, they realize their hearts may also be in danger.
Can the woman the world sees as Hollywood royalty love a creature like him? 
Can he be with her without endangering his people?   

Monday, December 1, 2014


NaNoWriMo's site won't let me update my word count since it is after midnight but I actually reached 22,211 words, which isn't bad considering I primarily wrote on the weekends due to work just stressing me the hell out during the week and having to do the 100 Day Dash at my job which required earning 30,000 steps on my pedometer every single freaking day.
However, I didn't "win" NaNo which is sad and I didn't finish Moonlit Guardian "on time".
BUT ... I'm not done yet. I intend to keep at it and I will do my absolute best to get this book finished and out to you THIS MONTH.
After that I will write the second book in my zombie series as I plan on having it out by March.
Busy, busy, busy ... but worth it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Mail Horror Bride ON SALE

Get it for .99 on Kindle this week!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Cover Reveal!

I started working on Redemption quite a while ago but with job changes and my paranormal books taking off at one point, it got put on the back burner, but I came across this gorgeous premade cover on Facebook and had to have it for this book.

Redemption has no paranormal elements and those tend to be tougher for me to write, but always worth it. If you enjoyed The Fire Still Burns, you'll most likely love this book. :)

Coming in 2015...

Cover Art by Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moonlit Guardian Cover Reveal!

A premade I saw and thought was perfect for my Moonlit series. Just had to throw in a gargoyle because this guy's a gargoyle shifter! :)

I'm currently working on this book and a chick-lit novel, at the same time, while working 40 hours a week and homeschooling one of my children. Who needs sleep?

I do!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!  ;)

This one was done by http://telltalebookcovers.weebly.com/   :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October

Happy October everyone. The weather is getting cooler so the girls and I will be enjoying one more camping trip this year, but other than that I have nothing planned but writing.
Mail Horror Bride is now officially released so I hope you are giving my new pen name a try and enjoying it. :)
By writing that, I took some time off my romance novels under my own name so it is time to jump back in to that.
I'm working on a hilarious chick-lit and after that I plan on getting out another Moonlit, Blood Revelation, and zombie (Raymond Lee) novel ASAP!
Just giving you all an update. Now it's time to go write!

Monday, September 1, 2014

WIN Amazon Gift Cards to Celebrate MAIL HORROR BRIDE Release Date 9/30/14

Mail Horror Bride, the first book released in my zombie series under my Raymond Lee pen name is now available for preorder, only on Amazon   Get it for .99 while you can because once the book releases officially on 9/30/14 it will be $2.99

Also, enter to WIN Amazon gift cards by liking the Raymond Lee facebook page  , liking the post announcing the pre-order & contest, and tagging your friends in the comments. You can tag as many friends as you like but each friend must be in a separate comment.
I will draw a winner on the release date. That winner and the friend they tagged each earn $5 Amazon gift cards. However, if the page gets 1000 likes by release day, the winners get $10 each!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

August Updates

It's August now and I'm getting closer to finishing Mail Horror Bride. I love it when I reach that point where the end is in sight and the words just flow. The August release date is looking pretty good. In fact, I will be in overdrive this week trying to finish it up before I start the 100 Day Dash.
The 100 Day Dash is a competition we have at work. Teams try to get as many steps as possible on their pedometers every day for 100 days. I want to win, even if it means figuring out a way to type my books up while walking. :)
It's also time for the kids to go back to school and this will be my youngest's first year of home school. Yep, I get to be a teacher in addition to working 40 hours a week in a call center and writing books. :)

It never fails that in the midst of one book , an ideal for another book will grab me and not let go. For a few months now I've been overwhelmed with scenes from a very funny chick-lit type book. This will be what I work on as soon as I wrap up Mail Horror Bride. I'll need something lighthearted and fun after finishing MHB. I hope to also have it released before the end of the year so I can have the second book in my zombie series out early 2015. Then it's on to Christian's story because the Blood Revelation story still has more to be told.  

I've received word from The Wild Rose Press that Cook County Cowboys: Lucky and Chance will be released on 10/31/2014. Here is the cover art:

Thanks to all who've read my books and left such nice reviews. Remember, the best thing you can do for an author is introduce them to other readers!

I should be back soon with a release date for Mail Horror Bride!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July Updates

Happy July!

This 4th of July weekend was supposed to be a huge writingfest weekend for me, but I unfortunately received a severe sunburn over the top half of my body after being awesome enough to take my kid to Warped Tour on July 3rd. See what happens to awesome moms who buy their teens tickets to concerts they are just dying to go to? They get punished by nature!
I'm a pasty white chick that simply does not tan. EVER. The sun is mean to me. I have had sunburns before but this is a whole new level of burn, people. My skin is screaming.
Anyway, no writing got done. I couldn't move my hands or arms much. Sleeping was quite tricky as well. I've gotten extremely creative with pillow placement seeing as how I can't actually lay down flat or rest my back against anything. Outer arms? Completely baked.
Needless to say, working on the book just wasn't happening. I spent 4th of July weekend watching the complete Walking Dead marathon from start to finish and cussing about the people still lighting fireworks long after the 4th ended.
But this skin has got to heal and once it does, I'm in writing overdrive. I want to get Mail Horror Bride out to you this month. I'm so disappointed my writingfest got ambushed by the sunburn from hell. I'm on the second half, soon to hit that beautiful part where the writing picks up speed and it just flows right out to the end so... hopefully it's done soon. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow without being in extreme pain.
I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Writing Process

Today I'm taking part in the My Writing Process blog tour. It's pretty cool. I was tagged by my author buddy, Yolanda Sfetsos, who does awesome work. I definitely recommend checking her out. Start with the Recast series. Space cowboys!  I don't really get into the science fiction romance stuff but I LOVE her and Christle Gray's work in that genre.  Click on her name to see her post in this blog tour and learn more about her.

Moving along to my part in this tour, a little about my writing process:

1) What am I working on?

Right now I am actually working on the debut novel in my One Nation Under Zombies series. This will be released under the pen name, Raymond Lee, which is a tribute to my late father, Raymond Lee Love. The first book is Mail Horror Bride and it introduces us to the survivors who will be struggling to make it in post-apocalyptic America after the zombie outbreak caused by a virus injected into mailorder brides before being sent into the country. It's all kinds of gory good fun. :) 

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

Well, I write in multiple genres. The horror/thriller genre is brand new but I have been writing in various sub-genres of romance under my real name, Crystal-Rain Love (yes, it's my real name), for about 10 years. I write contemporary cowboy/western-themed romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. 

I think the two characteristics of my work that tend to stand out are the intensity and the theme. One of the things I struggled with while writing paranormal romance for traditional publishers was that the publisher always wanted me to rein in the darkness. My characters, even the good ones, have dark sides. I tend to go a bit further in that area than most writers in this genre. I don't like my characters to be so good that they're unbelievable. I like them to be flawed and real, as real as vampires and shapeshifters can be. :)  
Then there's the theme. Good vs. Evil. Light vs. Dark.  Faith vs. Demons Within.  I'm a Christian. I don't go to church as much as I should and I don't have a denomination, but I believe in God. I believe God always prevails and those who believe are blessed. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness knocking at your door and I don't shove bibles in people's faces, but my characters all have faith and even the darkest, scariest ones, whether vampire, witch or shapeshifter, hold on to that faith and fight their demons. My books will never be in a Christian bookstore. My characters just aren't that "clean" but their hearts are in the right place and they do their best to do good. They only kill the really bad people. ;) 
As for my romantic suspense, I just go to darker more controversial subject matter because the world is not a nice place. I write what I know. I like being able to drag my characters out of the hell they've been put in.

3) Why do I write what I do? 

I'm a sick, sick puppy. :)  I kid, I kid. 

I write cowboy romances because I like cowboys. What's not to like? My heroines in those stories tend to 
be mostly "good girls."  I like good girls. I was a good girl and I'm raising good girls. It's refreshing to have a virgin in a story every now and then. I like these wholesome American as apple pie stories so I write them. 

I write paranormal romance because I'm also a bit twisted. I admit it. I like to explore the dark side in people. I have my own dark side. Touch my kids and I will unleash hell. We all have our triggers. Putting larger than life characters with supernatural abilities in dark places and situations and watching them fight, not only with the enemies around them but the demons inside themselves, is just something I'm drawn to. 

I write horror/thriller because it's an escape. Anything goes in this genre. No rules. No restrictions. If I don't like someone I can put them in a book, run them through a woodchipper and my karma stays clean. No jail time either. Can't beat that.  Aaaaaand now that I sound scurry I'll move along ... 

4) How does my writing process work? 

Honestly, it depends on what I am writing. With my Blood Revelation series, the characters tell me the story and I just write it down. Sounds insane, I know, but I have no better way to describe it. Those characters are beyond real to me.

With everything else, it usually starts from a scene and grows from there. Sometimes the words just pour out of me, sometimes they trickle. When I stall, I find that listening to music, watching a movie or reading a book can get the creative juices flowing. Oddly, watching movies or reading books in a genre other than what I am working on seems to do the trick.

I've actually outlined Mail Horror Bride which is different as I find outlines usually kill my writing process when working on romance. But with this genre, it is a must. There are so many more main characters to keep track of and so much action, I'd be lost without my outline to keep me on the right path.

Oh, and since I have a full-time job, 3 kids and way too many animals to take care of, I tend to have "writingfests." These are days, usually weekends and holidays, when I lock myself away with the laptop and just write for several hours nonstop.

That's pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this. If you're new to me, check the links on the side of this blog for my available work!

The blog hop continues on Monday, June 30th with D.B. Reynolds.

D.B. Reynolds is the RT Award-Winning author of the popular Vampires in America series of Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy and an Emmy-nominated television sound editor. Vist her blog at http://dbreynolds.com for details on all her books, for free stories and more. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's June Already?

Ugh, I'd planned on having Mail Horror Bride done right about now but life is always pulling the rug out from under me.
Those who know me know I am a sickly girl. My daddy's nickname for me was "Puny" because he said I just looked puny when I got sick, which was often.
I get seriously ill 2-4 times a year, usually with flu or allergies that just go psycho and evolve into bronchitis. Then there's the migraines. We mustn't forget those. *sigh* I'm sick, y'all. I haven't really slept in about 3-4 days because just as I settle in to fall asleep I have a coughing/choking fit.
Haven't gotten in any writing time in a while but I'm always gathering scenes in my head. I just have to get some sleep and get my head clear enough so I can get the words down and get this book out to you.

I just wanted to get an update out there. I have so many scenes in my head I think the writing will be fairly quick once I get a good night's sleep and things settle down ( camping trips, end of school, and family birthdays are hitting back to back right now).

Thanks for hanging in there with me and remember, if all you've read thus far are the Moonlit books, there's a whole other series out there to start on while waiting for more of those.

The Blood Revelation series, starting with Blood Curse, is a romance series full of all kinds of paranormal goodies and these are full sized novels, not novellas. :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Boxed Set

If You haven't yet read the novellas that introduced my Moonlit series, check out this boxed set I put together. The boxed set is available at Amazon for .99 for a limited time. Grab it up!

If you've already read the novellas why not gift it to a friend?

And of course, if you've read the novellas, make sure to grab a copy of MOONLIT MAJESTY, the first fuller length novel that tells the White Wolf's story and introduces new types of Weres!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Website Update!

I don't know what has happened to the site I ordered my website through but it has gotten ridiculously hard to edit anything there so I will now be using my blog as my website and having the website Home page direct people here.

This is much easier to update and since it is a blog you will always have the latest info pull up first. There are pages at the top as well for bio, contact and book info.

Since this will now serve as my "website" I shall be updating more frequently.

As always, I am most active on my Facebook author page which feeds directly to my Twitter so make sure to follow me there if you aren't already.

As for recent news...

Writing away on Mail Horror Bride. Having regular weekend writingfests and finding time whenever possible. My kids try to sabotage me but I'm getting a lot done. I love this book so much and am having a blast writing it. I will try to update the progress meter on the right daily so you can see how it is coming along.

Oh, and check out my snazzy cover art for Blood Revelation  Book 5:

This was a premade cover that I bought within minutes of the cover artist posting. The tattoo adds a nice new element to Christian's story. 

So much on my writing plate but I'm working hard to get at least 4 more books out to you this year. The more I release and the more you buy the closer I get to "retirement" !  ;) 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Moonlit Majesty is now available!!!

She is the mother of the werewolf race and the heroine that her people have waited over a century to be saved by. 
He is the forbidden fruit that caused her banishment and the key to her return. 

When the man Zaira blames for the curse hanging over her Pack appears to ask for her help, her first impulse is to rip his throat out, but Addix has been cursed as well. 
The two must work together to defeat a common enemy, a dangerous journey which brings them closer yet threatens to separate them forever as they struggle to choose between love and duty. 

The 4th installment in the Moonlit series tells the story of the mysterious White Wolf and how forbidden love created an entire race of shapeshifters. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card and lots more to win in this awesome multi-author contest! Click the  2014 Fool For Romance page above on my blog to get started ! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I'm Working On ...

I've decided I need to be more strategic with my release schedule and work accordingly. So ... here's what I've come up with.

1)  The Moonlit series is my bestselling series and I know readers have been awaiting the White Wolf's story so I am working as quickly as possible to get that one finished and released by March.

2)  Now that I've got the rights back on the books in my Blood Revelation series which were not released by Imajinn upon the publisher's passing, I need to promote that series.  Blood Curse and Slayer's Prey are still available through the publisher and I have released Witch's Net and Siren's Snare myself, at much better pricing, I think. :)
This series is full of my best writing. I am more proud of the books in this series than anything I have ever written. This series is closest to my heart and I would be thrilled for it to reach more readers. I think the $7 ebook pricing on the first two books in the series hurt me, but those are the books still under the publisher's contract so I'm unable to do anything about pricing on those.
So after finishing up Moonlit Majesty I will be working on a prequel novella to The Blood Revelation series and will be releasing it as the new first book in the series. Priced no higher than .99, this will be an introduction to the series and hopefully draw in readers.

3) After releasing the Blood Revelation prequel I will begin work in a new area. I will be releasing my very first horror/thriller genre work this year, under the pen name of Raymond Lee. I plan on contributing to the world of Wayward Pines, via Amazon's new Kindle Worlds program which basically allows authors to publish fanfic. I will be doing this to introduce myself to readers of the genre. I will also be releasing the first book in my zombie series under that pen name. 

I have a ton more books that need writing, lots lined up in the cannon, but these are what I'm focusing on first. I'm planning projects out based on what will most likely sell, and generate sales for what has already been released. The 10-hours a day at the day job is killing me. I'm ready to write full-time. I just have to get the income where it needs to be to do that. :) 

So that's the plan. If I don't post for a while, it's because I'm busy cranking this stuff out. 

Happy Reading!