Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I'm Working On ...

I've decided I need to be more strategic with my release schedule and work accordingly. So ... here's what I've come up with.

1)  The Moonlit series is my bestselling series and I know readers have been awaiting the White Wolf's story so I am working as quickly as possible to get that one finished and released by March.

2)  Now that I've got the rights back on the books in my Blood Revelation series which were not released by Imajinn upon the publisher's passing, I need to promote that series.  Blood Curse and Slayer's Prey are still available through the publisher and I have released Witch's Net and Siren's Snare myself, at much better pricing, I think. :)
This series is full of my best writing. I am more proud of the books in this series than anything I have ever written. This series is closest to my heart and I would be thrilled for it to reach more readers. I think the $7 ebook pricing on the first two books in the series hurt me, but those are the books still under the publisher's contract so I'm unable to do anything about pricing on those.
So after finishing up Moonlit Majesty I will be working on a prequel novella to The Blood Revelation series and will be releasing it as the new first book in the series. Priced no higher than .99, this will be an introduction to the series and hopefully draw in readers.

3) After releasing the Blood Revelation prequel I will begin work in a new area. I will be releasing my very first horror/thriller genre work this year, under the pen name of Raymond Lee. I plan on contributing to the world of Wayward Pines, via Amazon's new Kindle Worlds program which basically allows authors to publish fanfic. I will be doing this to introduce myself to readers of the genre. I will also be releasing the first book in my zombie series under that pen name. 

I have a ton more books that need writing, lots lined up in the cannon, but these are what I'm focusing on first. I'm planning projects out based on what will most likely sell, and generate sales for what has already been released. The 10-hours a day at the day job is killing me. I'm ready to write full-time. I just have to get the income where it needs to be to do that. :) 

So that's the plan. If I don't post for a while, it's because I'm busy cranking this stuff out. 

Happy Reading! 

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