Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's June Already?

Ugh, I'd planned on having Mail Horror Bride done right about now but life is always pulling the rug out from under me.
Those who know me know I am a sickly girl. My daddy's nickname for me was "Puny" because he said I just looked puny when I got sick, which was often.
I get seriously ill 2-4 times a year, usually with flu or allergies that just go psycho and evolve into bronchitis. Then there's the migraines. We mustn't forget those. *sigh* I'm sick, y'all. I haven't really slept in about 3-4 days because just as I settle in to fall asleep I have a coughing/choking fit.
Haven't gotten in any writing time in a while but I'm always gathering scenes in my head. I just have to get some sleep and get my head clear enough so I can get the words down and get this book out to you.

I just wanted to get an update out there. I have so many scenes in my head I think the writing will be fairly quick once I get a good night's sleep and things settle down ( camping trips, end of school, and family birthdays are hitting back to back right now).

Thanks for hanging in there with me and remember, if all you've read thus far are the Moonlit books, there's a whole other series out there to start on while waiting for more of those.

The Blood Revelation series, starting with Blood Curse, is a romance series full of all kinds of paranormal goodies and these are full sized novels, not novellas. :)

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