Monday, July 7, 2014

July Updates

Happy July!

This 4th of July weekend was supposed to be a huge writingfest weekend for me, but I unfortunately received a severe sunburn over the top half of my body after being awesome enough to take my kid to Warped Tour on July 3rd. See what happens to awesome moms who buy their teens tickets to concerts they are just dying to go to? They get punished by nature!
I'm a pasty white chick that simply does not tan. EVER. The sun is mean to me. I have had sunburns before but this is a whole new level of burn, people. My skin is screaming.
Anyway, no writing got done. I couldn't move my hands or arms much. Sleeping was quite tricky as well. I've gotten extremely creative with pillow placement seeing as how I can't actually lay down flat or rest my back against anything. Outer arms? Completely baked.
Needless to say, working on the book just wasn't happening. I spent 4th of July weekend watching the complete Walking Dead marathon from start to finish and cussing about the people still lighting fireworks long after the 4th ended.
But this skin has got to heal and once it does, I'm in writing overdrive. I want to get Mail Horror Bride out to you this month. I'm so disappointed my writingfest got ambushed by the sunburn from hell. I'm on the second half, soon to hit that beautiful part where the writing picks up speed and it just flows right out to the end so... hopefully it's done soon. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow without being in extreme pain.
I'll keep ya posted!

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