Thursday, February 19, 2015


I suck at updating. Maybe when I can retire from working 40-50 hours a week and just write books I'll have more time for this. The best place to keep updated is my Facebook author page (link on sidebar) because I'm there daily.

I am still working on the 2nd installment in my zombie series and will have a cover reveal soon.

Once that is done, I will be writing a romance under my own name of course.

I'm shooting for 2 Raymond Lee books  a year and the rest under my own name.  I want to do some work in Kindle Worlds this year to get some new readers, so that should mean MORE releases this year, as those are generally novellas.

That's about all I got for ya right now. We're all snowed in here in KY but I work from home so I still gotta put in my 40 hours...Writing as fast as I can in my off-time.

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