Why is there such a variety in the price of your books?

I only have control over the pricing of books I have self-published or re-released myself. The Blood Revelation books are published through Imajinn Books and my cowboy books thus far have been published through The Wild Rose Press. Pricing on those books and novellas are up to their respective publishers.

As for my self-published or re-released ebooks, I price novellas at .99 and anything 40,000 words or higher will be $2.99-up based on size and order within a series.

UPDATE :  As of 10/2013, the rights to the Blood Revelation series reverted back to me starting with the third book. I still have no control over the pricing of the first two. Sadly, I might add. :(

How can I tell if I'm getting a short novella or a longer book?

Look for the word count. Also, Amazon displays estimated page count, even on ebooks. On my website, I state what is a novella. Rule of thumb: I charge .99 for the short stuff when I am the one setting the price. For series, I may also offer the first book for free or for .99 regardless of length but sadly, I can not do this with the Blood Revelation series as the first in that series is with a publisher and they set the price.

How many books are in the Blood Revelation series?

At this time, I know there will be at least eight.

How many books/novellas will be in the Cook County, Colorado series?

As many as I write. I created this town so I would always have a home for my cowboys and the feisty gals that love 'em. I predict a mix of short reads and full-length novels. I would love to reach a point when I can release at least 2-3 a year but we shall see.  Again, this is a traditionally published series. I can write a book and it not be published for several months.

Who designs your book covers? 

Patricia Lazarus does the cover art for Imajinn ;  The Wild Rose Press has a group of cover artists they use, and as for my self-published or re-released books, those covers are created by my daughter and I (with the exception of Moonlit Dream. I kept the original cover art by Kendra Egert because it was just too fricking beautiful to change).  I am always checking out cover artists and am open to using a variety, but my daughter and I work very well together so expect most cover art to be done this way. She is currently building up a portfolio so that she can start her own cover art business when she is of age to. Watch out for her, world. The girl has mad talent.
EmCat Designs did the cover art for Witch's Net and Siren's Snare.
I did the cover art for Little White Lies.
Karri Klaiwater is the cover artist for Immortal Rage
Paramita Bhattacharjee designed Mail Horror BrideVampire's Halo and Redemption designed by Bookcover By Design Prowl designed by Rebecca PooleMoonlit Guardian designed by Tell Tale Book Covers

How many books are in the Moonlit series?

Right now, there are 3 novellas and the fourth is a longer read. The future of the series, as far as continuation, release dates, etc. depends on scheduling issues. With the "additions" made in Moonlit Majesty, this is a shifter series that can continue indefinitely. I'd like to release at least 2 a year.

Why are your books/some books only available in specific formats/certain sites? 

I have no control over my traditionally published books. As for my self-pubbed/re-released books, I am new to the self-pub scene and still finding my way.
Createspace had the easiest method for releasing in print and those books are available there and on Amazon.
I have found Amazon to be the most user-friendly site for publishing ebooks (if you're not tech-savvy, which I have never claimed to be) so that was where I started. Amazon also offers a 3-month exclusivity program prohibiting from selling the books in electronic format on any other site. I have signed my books up for this program because it provides incentives that are financially beneficial for someone just starting to build a fan base.
I am trying to make a living off this, which means I have to work with pricing, marketing, etc. in a way that provides me enough income to pay my mortgage, provide for three children, a lot of pets, afford insurance and my kid's orthodontics.
I have just started using Smashwords to release my books on Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Diesel, and all those other places.  However, some books will start out at Amazon to benefit from the 3-month program , and honestly, I sell more there historically. Hopefully this will change, my fan base will increase at other sites, and I will no longer have need of the 3-month exclusivity program in order to make a decent income.
Hang in there with me. I aim to get my books out to everyone everywhere!
Oh, ALL my self-pubbed books will be released as audiobooks through Audible.com, available there and through Amazon.

What can we look forward to in the future?

Provided my books keep selling well enough so that I can eventually quit the day job and do this full-time, expect a TON of stories. I have spreadsheets full of stories all lined up to be written.
The Blood Revelation series will be at least 8 books and it WILL be coming to a definite end at some point.
The Moonlit series will more than likely continue open-ended as a spin-off series of the original.
Cook County, Colorado will most likely be open as long as I'm breathing. I already have at least 3 more fully mapped out.
I am working on the first in another vampire series, a kind of darkish-semi-chicklitty series full of fun.
I plan on a return to Black Bear Gorge (The Fire Still Burns) when time allows.
I'm 2/3 through with Redemption, a more dramatic contemporary romance. I've set it aside but will be working on it later.
I plan on releasing a Young Adult series under the name, Rain Love.
I plan on releasing horror/thriller novels under another pen name, Raymond Lee.
I am planning a contemporary romance series set in a bakery (putting my cake decorating skills to use!).There are three so far, and it may stick to just a trilogy.
I will definitely be branching out into women's fiction.
Expect more romantic suspense and contemporary stand-alones.
Of course, expect more paranormal.

And I have one EPIC mother-of-all-awesomeness project I am still brainstorming. It will take major planning, plotting, crying, screaming and maybe a nervous breakdown or two, but if I can achieve the goal of writing full-time, I WILL put this bad boy together and it will be LEGENDARY.

How can I keep up with news , contests, and releases? 

Join my newsletter. There is a link on my blog and on my website to sign up. Follow me at my Facebook page. I'm always announcing stuff there. Sometimes I'm announcing stuff about Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and David Cook, but I'm announcing stuff. ;)

Do you love your readers?

More than they will ever know. :)

ANY  QUESTIONS? ASK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try to answer as many as possible as often as possible. :)

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